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   Help Give to others in need...


Donate whole foods for people with special health needs...



Nutritional Foods

We participate in a special needs programs, providing foods for individuals that have food restrictions and require nutrition, due to allergy, or illness


Standard Foods

We participate in food programs to help the others in need.





A special thanks to the following


Note: We recommend giving back to the following businesses.


  • Whole Foods
  • Olivers
  • Sprouts
  • Community Market
  • Local Farmers Market Vendors


 Fundraiser  / Donations


We are working with other agrencys, business ,charities, and perticipants willing to donate in the efforts to aid the needy. Any donations or contributions to help in the efforts; hunger, supplies, homelessness, transportation, and toward our local N. California fire victoms.  


Donations and contribution are provided to the needy and not used for other purposes.


We are not resposible for tax status regarding donations, contributions or guarentee other parties individual status.


Thank you


In working with: Spotlightbizjobs, Spotlightbiz, Sichels Autobody, Mondis, Blood source, Gilliam enterprizes, 

Spotsman arms, Parent sorensons, Foundation center and all contributing people involved.



Frosty Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

3600 Mariola Road

Sebastopol, CA 95472

707 829-2351

Ask for Bill


World of Carpets One

3023 Santa Rosa Ave

Santa Rosa, CA 95407

707 524-1450

Ask for Scott Carston


Please go to our contact us page to participate, we appriciate all food categories.






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